A new story is unfolding.
Introducing, Red Mountain Elevated.

The Vineyard:

Taking viticulture in Washington to new heights. Pushing the limits of Red Mountain.

The views from the top of Cam Myhrvold’s majestic Red Mountain property inspires one to dream big. What is possible? In viticulturalist Ryan Johnson, Cam has found a willing partner - ready to explore the full potential of the site. Ryan spent 15 months researching the 360 acre site and learning the land, before planting a single vine. 

The top of the property is well above the level of the ancient glacial floods. As a result, the highest vineyard sites feature fractured basalt lava barely covered by a skiff of windblown soil, bringing to mind the rocky growing regions of Côte Rôtie or Priorat.

As of 2018, 27 acres have been planted, with mostly Rhône varietals to be harvested this vintage, and blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon ready for harvest in 2019. The Red Mountain Elevated project has exclusive access to many of the vineyard’s diverse blocks. Varieties include Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, with more on the way in upcoming vintages.

photo: Ryan Johnson
“Everything we’ve done in the vineyard has been at an obsessive level of detail. Because we are pioneering something new in developing the ridgeline, we’ve had the freedom to be creative and innovative. Of course, there is some risk, but the risk is tethered by our extensive experience and rooted in our knowledge of the land.”
Ryan Johnson, Viticulturist
The Winemaking:

Stylistic explorations in new terroir. Go where the vines lead us.

The team behind Avennia is creating a new brand focused entirely on this singular vineyard. For fermentation and aging strategies, they are challenging themselves to explore both traditional and modern methods, to best express the fruit from this unique vineyard. In the end, it’s the site itself that will guide the style of the wines, with the winemaking honoring and supporting this terroir. The possibilities are extremely exciting. The first fruit will come into the Avennia facility in Woodinville in the coming weeks, with the first wines scheduled for release in 2021.

“Winemakers have shown that Washington can produce world-class wines. This is a chance to ask ourselves – what’s the new frontier for Washington wine? It’s exciting to think this project can be a step in that direction.”
Chris Peterson
The team (L-R): Marty Taucher, Ryan Johnson, Cam Myhrvold, Chris Peterson
The Team:

Daring leadership teamed with all-star talent

The new brand brings together a dream team for Washington wine. with proven skills in viticulture, winemaking, and business, each of these oenophiles share a vision for what Red Mountain can offer next.  Cam Myhrvold and Ryan Johnson are partners in the vineyard and lead the viticulture initiatives. Ryan is one of the most experienced growers on Red Mountain, having worked 19 vintages in the AVA. He spent 15 years working with the famed Ciel de Cheval vineyard and planting the Force Majeure Vineyard.

Marty Taucher and Chris Peterson are partners in Avennia winery and lead the winemaking efforts. Chris has been making wine in Washington State for nearly two decades and was named winemaker of the year in 2017 by Seattle Magazine. 

The project reunites Cam and Marty, former colleagues at Microsoft who share a passion for excellence and for Washington wine. It is also a long-awaited chance for Chris and Ryan to collaborate on a project after crossing paths early in their careers.

The Wines:

The inaugural release will be allocated in order of registration.

We are creating an entirely new lineup of wines produced exclusively from the fruit in this vineyard. Wines will be produced in extremely limited quantities, packaged in three bottle sets, and sold only though our mail list. We anticipate tight allocations of the wines which will be offered in the order of registration. 

Note: Avennia club discounts will not apply to this new lineup of wines and they will not be available for sale or tasting in the Avennia tasting room.  Registered members of the Red Mountain Elevated mail list will receive invitations to an exclusive barrel tasting and pre-sale in the Spring of 2020. 

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